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only for a lil bit; lol man my fuckin ass got called intoday cuz some punk 'called in sick' grrr i hate biglots;;;


again everyone again for the confusion. but here are the standings:

  • jaewon clock : litow3ird0$3 if u still want it
  • messiah poster : xuicidequeen $15.25 sassygirl23_35 will recive diff item not listed
  • woohyuk wns : sassygirl23_35$3
  • jaewon oc : nonenone
  • candy laminated : sassygirl23_35 $6
  • heejun candy : kiwi_jtl_hot$3.50
  • heejun perfume : sassygirl23_35 $3
  • heejun 4th : Anonymous$4
  • hot perfume : xuicidequeen if u still want them
  • junta : xuicidequeen if u still want them
  • spray paint : Valestar$7
  • card set : Anonymous (?) $8
  • bookcover/poster set : xuicidequeen if u still want them
  • choti pages : fresh58$2
  • alone pages sassygirl23_35 : $6
  • 5th pages : Anonymous (?)$1
  • 4th pages : sassygirl23_35$5.50
  • 3rd pages : xuicidequeen if u still want them
  • 2nd pages : xuicidequeen if u still want them
  • 1st pages : Anonymous (kiwi?) $2.25

    wa that took me a while;; i have to leave for work TT_TT *clings onto desk* i dun wanna go;;; .. *sigh* so yeah.. when i get home ill add everything up what not n get things out. please eevryone leave ur email ( post it as sonso(at)blabhlabh(dot)com so theres no spam ok?) and ill get ur addys n stuff there so u dont post it online~ ok guys.. thanks for putting up with me, next time will be better i promise!!
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    sorry everyone! do to the confusion, i have decided to extend the auction till 2morrow afternoon before i go to work. im so sorry! I thought the LJ posts went by mytime... and they dont.. @_@ cuz there were posts taht said 20 on them.. but it was still the 19th for me;; so i was highly confused on who won;; and i didnt want ne one to get jipped really; so itll end RIGHT when i get up and get on 2morrow before i go to work, ill end it right then! ill go threw and write down who was all winning when i got on and post em.
    if u win the mag pages ill throw in some gifts ok?~* i have little laminated cards thatll fit in there so *nodnod* again guys i am sooooo sorry!! TToTT!!!!